We hope you are enjoying a relaxed break this Christmas, with perhaps just a little bit of online shopping thrown in for good measure!

Below are a few images from T&W’s visit to the picturesque town of Bangalow, a short drive up into the hills behind Byron Bay, NSW.

rustic bedroom

A rustic bed setting at Island Luxe, an amazing boutique full of gorgeous neutral coloured linens, stone, wood and metal homewares (love those lamps!) as well as relaxed, casual fashion.

art gallery

A weathered, painted wooden seat inside Barebones Artspace, which has a lovely and affordable selection of prints and etchings to take home.

outside shop in bangalow

Vintage wares with an industrial feel at The New Collector.

boxes bottles and cat

And finally, Zeb the cat relaxing outside Heath’s Old Wares amongst a collection of butter crates and milk bottles.  Inside is a treasure-hunter’s paradise of vintage industrial and household bits and pieces.

Happy holidays,


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