• Grey, navy, lots of layers and a gallery wall. Image via Chris Loves Julia.
  • Here's a taste of our brand new art collection, designed and curated by the T&W style team.
  • Linen bedding and pole position by the fire. Image via Gravity Home.
  • A headboard you can sink into. Image via SJB Interiors.
  • Blush and grey for laidback feminine chic. Image via Rebecca Judd Loves.
  • A rug makes an unexpected (and warming) addition behind the bedhead. Image via The Design Files.
  • Wake up to calming neutral layers. Image via Shake My Blog.
  • Hides and sheepskins warm up the space on the bed or underfoot. Image via Oheightohnine.

You are now entering The Comfort Zone. This week we’re bringing you everything you need to create the ultimate cool-weather bedroom – tactile linen or flannelette bedding, layers of throws and plenty of pillows. Shop the Comfort Zone: Bedroom collection here, and head over to our Pinterest board for more inspo.

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