Keeping up with this Jones is quite the task.  Jennifer Jones – businesswoman, designer, and soon to be newlywed – is always on the go. She is known for the contemporary white bone china of Have You Met Miss Jones – you might have seen the gorgeous lamps and tea light holders on Temple & Webster today. We interviewed her back in August and heard about her new venture Miss Jones In Love , providing whimsical decor for stylish brides. She is back this week with pictures which give a glimpse into her love of books, photography, fiestas and 5am lattes.

I love early mornings and am usually up around 5am. The Organic Republic Bakery in Bondi is open then so I pop in for a latte. I’ve been coming here every day for about four years and there’s a great sense of community in the area. I say hello to the baker, the butcher, the coffee maker…

I’m halfway through a photography course so I try to practice for a couple of hours a week. It’s given me a whole new appreciation for all the talented photographers out there; it’s not an easy skill to master. The beach in the morning is tricky to shoot so I take hundreds of photos and end up with one ‘decent’ one.

This is in the showroom. We’re just about to launch our new resin jewellery and wood range. I love these little apple and pear pinch bowls. They were the best sellers at the last trade fair. I am surprised that customers found them on our stand with the amount of product we had! Sometimes it is the simplest design that stands out the most.

My delivery from Amazon has arrived! This is basically the entire recommended reading list of India Knight. She’s a writer for the Sunday Times in the UK and I love her take on life. Can’t wait to get stuck into these on the beach this summer.

Spent the next few days organising my new ranges from Vietnam. This is the first time I’ve started sourcing from there and so I’m just discovering the particular traits of each of the vendors I’m dealing with. You always get nervous opening a container for the first time. I’m doing a range of basket ware, which is really fun and vibrant. I love colour.

It’s my engagement party this weekend, so I’ve roped everyone in to making paper pom poms and other decorations. After months of planning I now understand why stylists are so fit. There is so much organisation and manual lifting to be done!

We had a smashing Mexican fiesta party in Tamarama SLSC! Gallivant Catering made fantastic food including these jalapeno poppers. And the barmen didn’t mind me dressing them in sombreros either.

It wasn’t a dress up party, but I don’t think some people got the memo.

Here’s some of the Miss Jones team hard at work!

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