Learn how to create a picture-perfect gallery wall with framed art, canvases, photographs and souvenirs from your travels by following three basic rules:

1. Choose your art & frames carefully

It’s fine to take an eclectic approach, but make sure there is some common thread flowing through your collection, whether it’s colour, materials or subject matter. Jess’s collection is tied together by the colour palette of  beige and black with blue/green highlights in many of the works.

2.  Balance the layout 

Lay the arrangement out on the floor, starting with the largest piece and working your way out. If you’re a beginner, keep the spaces between the works roughly consistent. If you’re feeling adventurous, play around with varying these spaces and add interest with letters, numbers or other shapely objects.

3. Avoid the willy nilly approach

Create a paper template for each artwork and Blu Tack or tape your arrangement to the wall to make sure it relates well to the existing furniture & lighting. Don’t take the plunge with hooks, hammers etc until you’re completely happy.

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  1. July 23, 2015

    […] Be a clever home stylist and create a gallery wall made up of smaller art pieces, posters or photographs. Try to keep an element of consistency across subject matter, colour or frame size or colour. Adding a 3D element (like this mini animal head) adds depth and a sense of fun. If you want some tips on hanging a gallery wall, check out our video. […]

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