We’ve updated our T&W Rug Collection with fresh finds. Need help choosing? Don’t forget to check out our handy how-to video guide to select the right rug for your space.

Stylists Jessica Bellef and Adam Powell got together in the T&W Studio to answer the big questions once and for all. Should the sofa sit completely on the rug, half on the rug, or completely outside the rug?  What’s the right size for under a dining table? And which spot looks best in a bedroom?

They styled up a living space, dining room and bedroom with different sized rugs, so you can see how the standard sizes look in each situation. And you can get up close and personal with all the different styles, and see the difference between flat weave rugs, tufted wool rugs, sisal, hide and more.

Rug buying just got a whole lot easier – start with the T&W Rug Collection for year-round style.

Videography – Natalie Hunfalvay. Direction – Chris Deal. Styling – Jessica Bellef & Adam Powell. Hand model – Cat Kerr.

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